The sad state of comics today

I read comics. A lot of comics. Probably more than I should. And yet, I am bored with and uninterested in most of them. I thought Ultra was good, but Girls is glacially slow and dull. Most issues of Birds of Prey and about half of the Batman-related titles are decent, but Superman seems to have an about 85-90% miss rate for me. I want to love The Flash, but generally that’s impossible. (I miss the old exploratory days of Barry Allen and “what could you do if you could run and think at the speed of light?” before it became “I could punch you 200 times per second”.) Marvel’s Ultimates series are interesting, primarily because they are a reboot and I can get into them without having to know 50 years worth of history. This is the primary reason I don’t read the X books, Avengers, and the like. But, DC is not immune to the 50-years-of-continuity problem.

Tom the Dog summarizes my malaise quite well in a recent blog entry: “I got the crossover blues“.

I miss CrossGen. Generally decent writing (sometimes excellent) and artwork. No crossovers. Sure, that probably wouldn’t have lasted forever, but it was still good while it did.

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