Search Engine Cloaking. Le sigh.

I would kill for a way to filter out non-cacheable search results from Google. You know the ones I am talking about — some paid magazine site or paid message board has a page that looks like it has something useful on it, but then when you click through you are greeted with a “Sign up now to see this page!” message. The page they show the Google bot has the article, so the full text is indexed, but then the page they show the rest of the world doesn’t. It’s called cloaking, and I had thought that Google had contingencies in place to deal with it.

It just really twists my nipple, you know? I respect their right to try to make money. I think it’s shady of the message board-based sites to do it, as then they are profiting off of their userbase’s intellectual property … but for magazines I can mostly understand. They have to make their money somehow.

But it is still hella annoying.

And, really, no matter how many times I see them in the results, I’m still not going to buy a subscription. In fact, the more I see them the more I want to spread lies and propaganda about them. FUD, baby, FUD. It’s juvenile, I know, but then so is web-page-hide-and-seek.

It’s almost enough to make me install GreaseMonkey and use one of the many extensions that do it. (Whose very existences prove that I’m not alone in my annoyance.) But … it would be nice if there was a Google keyword for it. Something like cache:allowed or something.

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By Rick Osborne

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