Buying music online, circa 2006

My wife and I went mini-golfing this weekend at the local Putting Edge. Because, you know, if you’re going to go mini-golfing, you may as well do it under black light. Amongst the contemporary songs that we heard, more and more of which are falling into the "pillaging the songs of my youth" bucket, was a remix of Toto’s Africa. Our ears perked up and we had a quick debate over who had done the remix. The wife said it sounded familiar. I guessed Boogie Pimps, but it ends up being Eric Prydz (the Call On Me guy), and he calls it Take Me Away.

In an attempt to make the wife happy, I wanted to see if I could download the MP3 and send it to her. In an attempt to make the RIAA happy, I figured I’d try to actually buy the song instead of downloading it for free. If you have any concept of what foreshadowing is, you know already how this is going to end.

First, I installed iTunes. (Because apparently you can’t buy online? You have to go through the application? wtf?) I’m not crazy about the interface, and from what I understand all of their music is DRM-encumbered … but I figured I’d give it a try. No joy. Didn’t even have the song.

Next was, which has changed drastically from how I remember it back from 1996-1997. (Holy crap do I feel old.) In addition to having yet another tragedy of an interface, they also don’t have it.

AudioGalaxy — Same deal. (Nothing for "prydz" at all.) — Once I figured out how to search their database without registering (lame!), they also didn’t have it.

Napster — Nope.

Yahoo! Music — Can’t tell, as a search only returns the top 5 results. Gotta register to get more. Lame!

Hmm. Time to think out of the box.

eBay — Nope.

I give up.

Usenet — Nope.

Shareaza — Yep!

I’ll try to buy music online again next year. Maybe.

Update: My wife says:

MonkeyHex: That's awesome!
MonkeyHex: :D
MonkeyHex: j00 are the cute!
RickOsborne: Whyzat?
MonkeyHex: trying to go all legit and being forced to stay on the dark side. 
MonkeyHex: :D
RickOsborne: Yeah, no kidding.
MonkeyHex: What a world.
RickOsborne: What kills me is that 10 years ago, back in the heyday of and audiogalaxy, I would have had no trouble both finding *and* buying any song.
MonkeyHex: right.  
RickOsborne: But then RIAA came in and said "no, we ownz0r this sh1t, you will sell what we tell you 2" and the music selection dropped down to Top 40, and a fraction of what we had.
RickOsborne: I am amazed, aghast, and other adjectives starting with A.
MonkeyHex: Basically, Top40 Commercial radio law was enacted.
RickOsborne: Yerp.
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