Firefox extension meme

I am occasionally asked, as if it is some kind of geek-authenticity test, which Firefox extensions I have installed. For your enlightenment, amusement, and posterity, here they are.

Disgustingly Useful

Adblock Plus
Seriously … who doesn’t surf with some sort of ad-blocking software these days?
Restores all of your tabs just as they were when you closed them, thus turning Firefox into a permanently-persistent session. I hated trying to remember which tabs I had open before I actidentally closed it. Includes the SnapBack feature (a list of recently-closed tabs) which you won’t be able to live without once you get used to it.
Integrated JavaScript debugger (replaces Venkman), DOM browser, CSS viewer, and a host of other tools. Makes front-end development in Firefox a snap. No more alert-debugging! (Older versions introduced strangeness when trying to debug AJAX pages, though.)
Gmail Manager
I’ve converted entirely over to Gmail. I am Google’s lapdog. This extension lets you manage multiple Gmail accounts and shows new mail previews. (Although I’d kill for a delete-this-now-I-know-it-is-spam type of control so that I don’t have to open Gmail.)


An eyedropper for Firefox – get the hex color for any spot on the page. Great for when I am working on layered interfaces or can’t remember what color I made that last UI element.
Web Developer
A pile of great tools for Web Developers. Things like resizing to a specific size, turning off scripting or CSS, etc.
Google Notebook
Something like sticky notes for your web browser. This is nice for when I don’t want to bookmark a whole page but just need one snippet from it. (Such as a code example.) I have notebooks for ColdFusion, Scuba Diving, vacation spots, rock climbing, etc.
Live HTTP Headers
Great for low-level debugging of the browser talking to the server.
Pearl Crescent Page Saver Basic
Screen-capture an entire page area without the capture-scroll-capture-merge dance. Also intriguing as they are the first people I’ve seen attempting to make money off of a Firefox extension. I think it’s a great idea, and wish them luck.

Occasionally Useful

A visual measuring tape. Useful for when you think your padding is off, but not nearly as precise as capture-photoshop-zoom.
Useful for quick file transfers when I don’t want to open another window.
Deepest Sender
I don’t post to LJ much any more, but when I do DS is preferable to the web interface.
View Source Chart
Great for helping to catch the "where’s my matching end tag" madness.
Copy Plain Text
Firefox occasionally has issues copying selected text to the clipboard. This alleviates those problems.
Form History Manager
Ever type in a password, then hit the "Remember This Password" button, only to find out that you typed the wrong password? Firefox has gotten better about realizing that you typed in the wrong one, but it still chokes on a few, and loses others. This manager will help you reset your form history and get it back to a useful state.
User Agent Switcher
Just like it says – fool those annoying IE-only sites.