ColdFusion SVN browser added to cfdiff repository

Some people had asked that I release the code I hacked together that started this whole mess — the SVN repository browser. It’s really ugly code, and in no way secure, but it’s stable enough as proof-of-concept that I feel okay about releasing it. It has been checked-in to the the cfdiff subversion repository at Google Code, and is contained in the svn.cfm and svnbrowser.cfc files.

cfdiff subversion browser

The code relies on the JavaSVN library from TMate, so you will need to have access to install it on your server. And yes, I know that TMate does provide some kind of built-in diff utility, but it looked like the code infrastructure to get that part running would have been harder than just writing my own … so here we are.

There is not, unfortunately, any real documentation other than the sparse CF comments. Even more unfortunately, there most likely won’t be any documentation until sometime in 2007. The rest of my year is unbelievably overbooked. If one of you kind souls that ends up using the code would like to pay me back, some documentation for the slightly-less-kind souls would be a good way to do it.

Update: I’ve got a demo SVN browser up and running on my home machine, pointed at the Google Code repository. Play nice.

By Rick Osborne

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