So, yeah, I thought I was going out of my mind. It’s just before 11am this morning and I’m laying in bed doing my best to pretend it’s not so late so that I can keep on sleeping. I’m just finishing reading through my morning news and am about to roll over and zonk.

The world shook.

Not in a glass-rattling, vase-tipping, babies-screaming kind of way. More like a vertiginous, wtf-did-I-just-feel kind of way. I dismissed it as a really large truck driving by. Then I remembered that I no longer live near a highway. And the Shuttle isn’t due back for quite some time, so it couldn’t have been a sonic boom. I had no way to explain it.

I know I’m the last to know about real-world news, but I just found out that there was indeed an earthquake in the Gulf of Mexico this morning. I live in Orlando. Mickey Mouse, beaches, retired blue-hairs, middle of Florida.

Not earthquakes.

You can probably tell that this was my first earthquake. I’m sure that Californians are unimpressed with my amazement. I honestly figured I’d never experience one. Very cool.

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By Rick Osborne

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