Maybe I should give up and write bodice-rippers instead

The second third of my book is progressing … glacially.

The problem is not that I’m blocked. Quite the opposite. Given the subject matter of the book, cybercrime for lack of a better word, I have a surfeit of ideas. However, I keep seeing these ideas put into practice in the wild within weeks of committing them to paper, at which point I have to go back to the drawing board and come up with something novel (no pun intended). This could mean:

  1. I’ve got someone lojacked into my brain. Sneaky!
  2. I’m not as smart or creative as I think I am. Likely!
  3. It’s just too topical, and I am doomed to actually publish after everything in my book has become reality. Bummer!

Problem being, it’s very “5 minutes into the future”, and that 5 minutes keeps coming and going as I continue to write. The big twist hasn’t happened yet (knock on wood) … but it’s like waiting for the other shoe to drop. We’ll see. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m too worried about it sounding derivative?

In other, non-whining news, I’m really happy with how it’s going. The difference in the quality of writing between the first part and this second part is dramatic. (Maybe too dramatic — I may have to do some serious editing.) I don’t know if it’ll be possible or not, but I’m really trying to finish this part before November, so that I can use NaNoWriMo to finish off the last third. The fingers, they are a-crossed.

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By Rick Osborne

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