Per-Process Hard Memory Limits

Does anyone know of a tool or trick to restrict memory allocation per-process in Windows?

That is, I’ve noticed that Dr DivX will occasionally get a wild hair and chew up RAM until it uses every last bit of both physical and virtual memory. Other processes then start to grind to a halt and get memory errors. Eventually, even Windows itself is affected. I am almost never around to see or hear this happen, as the whole point of the app is that I can queue up a bunch of stuff and just let it run.

What I would like is a program that can wrap around Dr DivX and set a hard limit on how much memory it can allocate. (Say, no more than a gig.) Dr DivX may then hit that mark and start to go crazy, but nothing else will.

I could just run Dr DivX on its own Virtual PC, but it seems an awful waste to have a VPC going just for one process. (Also, I’d be interested to see if the audio remained synchronized given the strange parameters of a virtual environment.)


By Rick Osborne

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