Why is my CFEclipse unusably slow?

I’m having trouble with CFEclipse. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it is heinously slow for large files to the point of being unusable. But not all large files, and not all of the the time. I could really use some insight as to what I’ve screwed up or how to fix the slowness. It’s a fresh install of Eclipse 3.2 and CFEclipse 1.2.

Here’s a video explaining what I’m talking about:

I’m not going to provide a full transcript, but the gist is:

  1. When editing small files, everything is nice and zippy.
  2. When editing some parts of large files (the end), everything is nice and zippy.
  3. When editing some parts of large files (the middle), things bog down to the point where I have to wait to type each line so that CFEclipse will catch up with me.
  4. Typing inside of quotes (single or double) seems to alleviate the slowness, but as soon as you are outside of the quotes, you’re back into the mire

Thoughts? Ideas? Help?

By Rick Osborne

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