How-To screencast: Page Numbering in Writer

I’ve made a short (2-minute) screencast that shows how to do title pages without page numbers and how to reset/restart page numbers in writer.

Transcript summary:

  1. In your document, set the title page (and copyright page or whatever pages you do not want to have page numbers) to a page style that doesn’t have numbers, such as First Page. To do this:
    1. Put the cursor on the correct page.
    2. Open up the Styles and Formatting window. You can click the icon (page with a finger pointing towards the top) or open the menu: Format then Styles and Formatting.
    3. Click the Page Styles icon, which is fourth from the left at the top.
    4. Double-click the First Page style to apply that page style to the current page.
  2. Insert a manual page break, via the Insert then Manual Break menu items.
  3. On the Insert Break window, select the Page Break option, then use the Style dropdown list to choose the Default style.
  4. Click OK to close the window and insert the break.
  5. Add the page numbering footer.
    1. Use the Insert, then Footer, then Default menus to add a footer to the pages with the Default style.
    2. Select the footer by clicking inside the outlined box at the bottom of the page.
    3. Insert a page number using the Insert, then Fields, then Page Number menus.
  6. You can now scroll back to the first page and see that it should not have a page number, while any pages after will have page numbers.
  7. If you want to reset or restart the page numbering with a specific page number, perform Step 3 with one addition, this time checking the Change Page Number box in the Insert Break window and choosing the correct new starting page number from the spin box below it.
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