Roundup for Week 1, 2007

Randomness abounds today.

  • I [heart] MoBuzzTV. Think of it as 3-5 minutes per day of irreverent tech news, or as if Jon Stewart decided to talk about tech instead of politics. Or, if you’re old-school, it’s like Channel One before Anderson Cooper and Lisa Ling got all famousy, or Soledad OBrien before she got all famousy.
  • Finally got sick and tired of the digital molasses that is Outlook 2007 and downgraded back to Outlook 2003. Soooo much zippier now. Switching between folders now no longer takes 10-15 seconds. Word of warning: the downgrade will most likely break if you have Rules/Filters. Hard. After fiddling with it for a few hours, the only thing I found that fixed it was to delete the MAPI profile (including MAPISVC.inf files, which will get recreated), delete the offline folders file (*.ost), delete any stray rules files (*.rwz), and finally use Outlook Web Access to go into your Rules and remove anything that looks like it was computer-generated. Yeah, it really is that much of a pain.
  • Used $20 I got via PayPal for some free software I wrote to buy a copy of Master of Defense. If you remember and love the “build a wall of towers to defend from the streaming mass of monsters”-type levels from any of the original Warcraft or C&C games, this game is for you. It’s about 4 hours of fun from start to finish, with decent replayability. And it’s an Indie game so you can feel good about giving your money to coders instead of corporations. The demo on the site is good for about an hour of gameplay, which is just enough to get you thoroughly addicted.
  • Started laying out my series of articles on ColdFusion image manipulation without Scorpio. Yes, yes, I know I promised this months ago, but life got in the way. I’m still very interested in doing the articles.
  • I start school again next week. This semester will contain the third, fourth, and fifth Cisco classes, as well as sleeper intro courses for LANs, IT, and network security. Huzzah. All for the low-low price of $3000!
  • I’m doing some wicked-cool stuff with AJAX at work that I also hope to turn into a HOWTO or two. We’ll see.
  • Thanks to the Google Reader Trends stats, I now know that I am subscribed to 152 RSS or Atom feeds, and have read 3238 items in the last 30 days, starring 5 of them. Dude, I totally win at the internets.