Run for Sunday, 2007-02-25

I slowed down! I’m so very proud of myself.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I was really bummed that I was managing to prove that I didn’t have more than 45-55 minutes of run-time in me because I couldn’t keep myself to a comfortable speed. Well, yesterday I resolved to run at a flat 5 mph, after my warm-up of course, and proceeded to do exactly that. The result: about 70 minutes of run-time. And really, by the time I stopped, I probably could have kept going for at least another 2 miles.

So yes, yes, I know, slowing down really does enable you to run further. But I still say that it was a harder run, as the concentration wanders so much easier at that speed. I still haven’t figured that part out yet. I need goggles with little WinAMP-style visualizations of what I am listening to. Something to turn off the brain and make the miles drift by.

Run for Sunday, 2007-02-25

The pause at mile 3.5 was because I are dumb and had my right shoe laced too tight. That foot started to go numb. Yeah, I really am that dumb. I took the opportunity to down an Orange Cream Clif Shot gel thingie. Not bad. The brown rice syrup base that Clif uses is … interesting, but not horrible. It was still better than the Gu, and didn’t give me the insta-headache. I felt it really kick in about 12 minutes later, but even that was nice and smooth. It’d be a coin toss between the Clif Shot and the Hammer Gel, but I’d take either over the Gu any day.

After my run, I hopped on the elliptical and did 55 minutes for 625 calories. How is it that I can burn 10 kcal/min running and be wasted after an hour, but I can burn 12 kcal/min on the elliptical, sweat just as much, and last for much longer?

But! I have a theory!

I mentioned last time that I have lazy feet and don’t pick them up like I should, which can lead to trouble on the wrong kind of treadmill. I have to wonder if that comes from months of training on the elliptical we have at home, where you work to ensure that you don’t pick your feet up? It’s not an entirely invalid theory, I think.

And yes, the wife still laughs at how long it takes me to do my warm-up.

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