Month in review: Feb 2007

Short version: good month.

  • I deployed the alpha version of my very first Flex app at work yesterday. I’ll do a quick screencast demo in the next week or so. I scrapped the previous version and when I started over this time … something just clicked. I didn’t have any major problems, and development went pretty much according to schedule. It’s not a very in-depth app, but I think it’s a good start. As I said before: view states are hella useful.
  • I did my ninth run last night, and I feel that I am definitely progressing. I’d had some problems with my knees a few years ago, but they haven’t bugged me at all lately. Between school, work, and not really wanting to lose any weight, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to manage enough running to be able to keep up with my wife’s marathon training schedule. But, it’s working out well so far.
  • I got an 88% on the lab practical half of my Cisco final, and a 96% on the multiple-guess test half. I’d have gotten a 100% on the lab practical, but I somehow managed to miss a step in a switch configuration. I know how to do the thing that was asked, but I just missed it. Yeah, I do feel really dumb about it. The last (fourth) class for my CCNA starts next week. The first CCNP class that I am taking at the same time is working out very well.
  • State of mind: good; stable; comfortable.
  • Money spent at Chipotle this month: Don’t ask. Really.

By Rick Osborne

I am a web geek who has been doing this sort of thing entirely too long. I rant, I muse, I whine. That is, I am not at all atypical for my breed.