Run for Sunday, 2007-03-18

Woof. The wife and I did 8 miles today, divided into two 53 and 56-minute runs with a 15 minute break in between to rehydrate. Clif Shot Blocks to the rescue! (They taste like the orange spice gumdrops. Nummy.) We’re both okay for now, but we can tell that we are going to be in serious pain tomorrow and the next day. It was another beautiful day outside with temperatures in the mid-70s and the sun setting during our return run.

Her starting pace (just a bit over a 13-minute mile, or about 4.5 mph) is a bit slower than I feel comfortable at (just under a 12-minute mile, or 5.1 mph), but by the last two miles she had kicked it up to about 4.8 and 4.9 mph. And I’m sure my power-walk-the-entire-first-mile warmup technique probably drove her nuts, too. For our first serious run outside together, we think it went pretty well. I’m sure we looked ridiculously cute.

Seriously, though. What did people do before wicking clothing and MP3 players? I mean, really.

Run data for Sunday, 2007-03-18

We did find out that her Nike+iPod chip is about 10% too fast. It claimed we had done 4.5 mi for each half of the run. We really need to calibrate that thing.

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