Run for Thursday, 2007-03-29

Sweet nine-pound baby Jesus asleep in the manger.

I need to SLOW DOWN.

I just did 6.0 miles in 69 minutes. Minus traffic lights and the warm-up mile, I did 5.0 miles in 48:40, or just about a 9:45 pace or 6.16 mph. I managed to outlast the 62 minute, 163 bpm Body Language Podrunner mix for the first time. And I am now going to eat every carb that comes within reach. Seriously. I’ve already gone through a quarter-jar of black bean dip and the equivalent amount of Tostitos Scoops.

Run for Thursday, 2007-03-29

I’m still trying to get the lace thing down. My foot started bugging me at around the 5.5 mi mark, but stopped as soon as I took my shoe off after the run. Thus: too tight. But when I leave them too loose not only is it harder on my feet, but the slippage impedes my ability to run. Maybe my shoes are a half-size too big? Maybe I’m still a n00b?

The 4 mi mark came with a chocolate PowerBar Gel. I’d put it parallel with the Clif Shot as far as kick and long-term effect, only with a flavor more like frosting than syrup. That is, I still prefer the Hammer Gels above the rest, while Gu is my least favorite.

As a sidenote, Rails-to-Trails is the coolest concept ever: old, possibly abandoned, railways are converted to walking and/or biking trails. The environmental conditions for a railway are very similar to those of a trail. The trails running through my area are absolutely gorgeous, and mostly shaded, and there’s no way I’d be keeping up with my running if they weren’t around. If you’re looking for a good cause to support, this is as good as they come.

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