Run for Wednesday, 2007-02-28

Nice, quiet run today. I stuck to 5.1 mph after my warm-up, and made it to 4.5 mi. Best of all, it was an easy 4.5 mi, despite being the longest I’ve yet run continuously. The warm-up was a bit rough, as I was apparently still sore from last weekend’s run, but around mile 1.5 everything settled down and the rest was cake.

As the end of the hour drew near, I decided to wrap it up instead of taking a break and a gel and getting back up to speed. The 4.5 mile mark came just after minute 57, so it seemed like a good place to stop. Had I wanted to continue, I feel confident that I could have gone at least another mile at that pace without a break, maybe more.

Run data for Wednesday, 2007-02-28

Special thanks go to the SciFi Channel and The Dresden Files for seeing me through.

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