Run for Tuesday, 2007-04-10

Last night’s run was harder than I thought it would be. I was on the treadmill for the first time in over a month, and did a bit more than 5 miles. I kept it at a 6mph/10:00 pace after my warm-up. By the second half of the third mile I was feeling it, and a mile later I knew that if I tried to make it to 6 mi I would just end up hurting myself. Even though I stopped at 5 mi, I’m definitely feeling it today. Ow.

Run for Tuesday, 2007-04-10

I will say this for running outdoors — last night made me appreciate the unseen benefits of air resistance. Namely, pushing sweat out of my face without me having to swab myself with a towel every two minutes.

Despite how much I hurt today, I think last night was a good run. I did it without the benefit of energy drinks or gels or anything like that. I just ran, and I made it 5 mi at 6 mph. I’m not unhappy with that.

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By Rick Osborne

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