Getting rid of the network access nag on the Motorola V557

I love my Motorola V557, but it’s got one major problem that drives me crazy: when Java apps use the network, the phone pops up a window every 60 seconds or so asking me if I want to continue allowing the app to use the network. There is no “don’t ask again” setting. It drives me wicked crazy.

But, there’s a way around it. This post is intended to remind me how to do it, as you have to do it each time you add or upgrade a JAR file on your phone. Which means that each new release of Google Maps Mobile or GMail Mobile or whatever requires this trick to be done. Since I only do it every six months or so, I am constantly forgetting how to do it. As far as I know, the trick will work with all of the Motorola V5xx phones.

  1. Obtain a USB data cable.

  2. Download and install Moto MIDlets Manager, or motomidman.

  3. There are some drivers that are needed to allow motomidman to talk to your phone. If they don’t come with the app, you might try p2ktools or the official Motorola Phone Tools.

  4. If you have the V557, you may need to edit the motomidman.ini file. Look for the Mode2 entry and add “R4512” to the beginning of the entry if it is not already there.

  5. Run motomidman and let it scan the phone. It should come up with a list of the Java apps on the phone.

    MotoMidMan: Moto MIDlets Manager

  6. Right-click the problem app and choose AccessEnable For All.

  7. Allow the app to restart the phone, or reboot the phone manually.

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