2007 in review

  • Found out that I can do even more cool stuff with my phone. There’s even a Tower Defense game for it! Java on the phone rocks, and if I ever buy another phone without similar capability I should be shot.

  • Finished principal writing on the last part of Trust Network.

  • Spent $1,543.51 at Chipotle. At just over $8 per meal, that’s 190 meals this year. Figure 1,100 kcal per meal for 209,000 total calories. At 3,500 kcal per pound, that’s just about 60 lb worth of food from Chipotle this year. It’s also just about 50 gal of unsweet tea, which at 10 mg of caffeine per oz is rougly 60,000 mg of caffeine.

  • Wrote some code. Open-Sourced it.

  • Broke and fixed my blog several times. The appeals of a hosted service are not lost on me.

  • Jogged quite a bit. Realized that while it is pleasantly zen-inducing, it isn’t a viable long-term workout strategy. That whole “destroy your knees by age 50” thing is a bit alarming.

  • Discovered just how antisocial having an iPod makes me. Decided I don’t mind it.

  • Put my big, secret, money-making project on hold. Learned quite a bit about myself because of it.

  • Spent more on electronics gadgetry than I thought humanly possible.

  • My home workstation is now 5+ years old and still would be considered a “mid-range” machine. Not bad planning, I think. Next computer will be a laptop.

  • Started a business with some friends.

  • Didn’t listen to much new music — pretty much stuck with the same old stuff. Realized that this is the start of the descent into aged curmudgeonliness.

  • Ate healthier than I have ever done in my entire life for nearly the entire year. Feels great.

  • Marked 10 years—yes, an entire decade—since giving up soda/cola. Feels great.

  • Gave up on the news and haven’t watched it for most of the year. People are amazed that I am so out of it on “current events”. But, when those events are someone dogfighting and Paris Hilton, I have to say that I don’t think I’m missing all that much.

  • Had pretty much the first year in my adult life where I never felt that my budget was out of control. It took Excel and an iron fist, but it was so much better than panicking.

Generally, I think I had a good year.

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By Rick Osborne

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