Run for Monday, 2008-01-21

Look! I finally got around to writing a CF script to parse and generate the images (using Batik) from the XML files from the Nike+ chip on the iPod. I had been generating them by hand with Excel and Inkscape. They looked nicer (Inkscape seems to have better font rendering than Batik, as well as better SVG support), but these are significantly easier to do. Instead of taking roughly 15 minutes per graph, this process takes about 30 seconds. Typing up the intro paragraph for the blog entry takes longer than that. I am wicked lazy.

Run for Monday, 2008-01-21


  • 3 lines of customizable text.

  • Auto-generated mile markers.

  • Automagic resizing and graph-fitting.

  • Adding icons for power gels is as easy as inputting the minutes into the run that I used them.

  • Similarly, I can specify how far into the run I bonked.

  • Calculation of distinct walking and running paces and durations.

  • Tag the PNG file with a data chunk with my name.

  • FTP the image up to the server for me.

  • NOT YET IMPLEMENTED: I want to specify an overlay for when I end up running in the rain. I am in Florida, after all.

By Rick Osborne

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