Run for Saturday, 2008-01-12

This run experienced a surprising number of technical difficulties. I took the time to calibrate the Nike+ chip, since the UCF Rec Center has an eighth-mile track. Bad Idea. According to the chip, the run I did afterwards was just over 8.5 mi. Seeing as how I’d only run for 80 minutes, and at roughly 5.3 mph the entire time … this was clearly a problem. And yet, when I went to recalibrate the chip a second time after the run, it again looked like it was pretty close to the same setting. I’m now worried that the calibration is very off. We’ll see.

Oh, and at the 60-minute mark into my run the gym’s treadmill hit some preset limit and stopped itself, displaying my run summary. Lame!

And I’m an idiot. I had the machine set to a 2% grade for my warm-up, then forgot to lower it until my break at the 3.5 mi mark. Duh. (Yeah, I know that I need to train for hills for the big day, but I’m trying to hill-train on my short runs and leave my long runs for just endurance. One thing at a time.)

Run for Saturday, 2008-01-12, at the UCF Rec Center

And strawberry-banana Powerbar Gel? Wicked nasty. It worked like a champ, but I was very glad to have a drink there to wash it down. I’ll need to either find a less-awful flavor, or figure out a mouthwashing solution. (No pun intended. Mostly.)

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