Run for Saturday, 2008-02-02

Look! I ran in the afternoon! With actual sunlight!

Run for Saturday, 2008-02-02

I (accidentally?) drank an entire 20 oz. Propel on my break at the half-way point—I was through half of the bottle in my first gulp. It was way too much at once, and I felt it for the next mile and had to slow to a walk to recover.

However, I will say that I’m occasionally smart: I made up a little sign reading “Please don’t disturb my drink, I’ll be very thirsty by the time I get to it!” with a cute little jogging guy, wrapped it around my Propel, and had the foresight to leave it at the half-way point. No one messed with it, and I thus had something to drink. Next time, I just have to be more cognizant of how much I drink, or use a smaller bottle.

P.S. – Not that I’m trying to turn this into an advert for Propel, but their “Invigorating Water” line is infinitely better than the regular “Fitness Water” line. I can’t even drink the regular stuff, as it’s too unnaturally sweet. Splenda? Oh, and the PowerBar Gel Vanilla? As near as I can tell it’s a packet of Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting. That puts it a step up from the Strawberry-Banana flavor … but not much. It’s still too sweet.

By Rick Osborne

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