Run for Thursday, 2008-02-21

Ack, headwind! Due to the strange route that I ran last night the first 6km of this 10km run were into the wind. Oh, and the first 4km were along an intermittent path, so I ended up running through gravel and sand and grass and whatnot. I fear how unhappy my ankles are going to be today.

I have one more long run this weekend before my race in two weeks. I’m shooting for 13.1 mi, but I’m not going to push myself if it starts to hurt.

Run for Thursday, 2008-02-21

The Wife and I also went and saw The Spirit of the Marathon last night. It was good, and not overly sappy, but I still think those people are crazy. She doesn’t agree that it takes a certain suspension of disbelief to even consider doing a marathon. I pointed out that average, non-elite, runners will burn through approximately 3000-3500 kcal during the run, or about a pound of flesh. She was not impressed with my math. But I think that proves my point, right?

By Rick Osborne

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