First run of Fall 2008

Tonight was my first real run in more than 3 months. Living in Central Florida, where the nighttime low doesn’t get below the high 80s during the summer, running hasn’t been much of an option for me in that time. I’ve felt myself slowly slip out of shape and get soggy in the midsection, so tonight’s run was as much about mental fitness as it was physical.

Start to finish I did almost exactly a 10K, taking just over 75 minutes to do it. It’s not a record-setting pace by any means, but I was very conscious about taking it easy. I did my usual warm-up: walking the first mile. I jogged the next 5K at a relaxed pace, walked a half-mile, jogged a half mile, walked another half, then jogged in the last ¾mi.

(I know, I know. I’m conflating my metric and Imperial measures. Whatever.)

In all, I’m not unhappy with the results. I’m not hurting now, as I never pushed too hard. I’m definitely feeling it though, so nor did I take it too easy. I’ll hurt tomorrow, but that’s okay. It’s a start.

Oh, and no pretty graphs. I’m not running with the iPod nano anymore, as the wife now has it. Tonight’s soundtrack was all Sasha: Airdrawndagger leading into the first few songs from the original Involver. Good times.

Actually …

It looks like the iPod Touch now works with the Nike+ kit, but the iPhone doesn’t? Really? Really? Lame. On the upside, there’s a section stating that 24Hour Fitness now has equipment that talks to your Nike+iPod. Sexy. And $200 for 16GB? Very nice. Now I have to think about that …

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