Lazyweb: Please expand my playlist

I bought the bullet and am upgrading my iPod. I’ve been using a 2GB Shuffle, but on Thursday my 16GB Nano arrives. I require your assistance to help me spend more money on music find additional similar music.

No, I don’t trust automated matching algorithms. They don’t work for dating services, so why should I expect them to work any better for music?

For the past year or so I’ve been ripping my CDs as one big track. I’d prefer to continue in that vein, so even the worst track on an album shouldn’t completely suck.

Current playlist:

HybridWide Angle / Live Angle2000
Morning Sci-Fi2003
I Choose Noise2006
Soundsystem 012008
BTThis Binary Universe2006
Movement in Still Life2000
Emotional Technology2003
The Crystal MethodTweekend2002
Legion of Boom2004
Community Service 1 / 22005
OrbitalThe Middle of Nowhere1999
Blue Album2004
Amon TobinBricolage1997
Out From Out Where2002
EnigmaThe Screen Behind the Mirror2003
IncubusMorning View2001
JemFinally Woken2004

Yeah, I know. I’ve got a thing for Hybrid.

Little help?

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