Oh, bright future, why do you taunt me so?

I am slowly sinking into the mire of preparation for my Master’s degree. But before that, how about a poll?

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And, of course:

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The rest is just me rambling about trying to figure out what to do for my MS.

It turns out that UCF doesn’t offer quite the IT degree that I had thought. To quote one of the program heads: We don’t want to offer a Technology degree just for technology’s sake. So what does that mean?

It means that 12 of the 32 credits, 4 courses, have to be completed in a college other than Engineering and Computer Science. Same University, just a different college. They view the program as how technology is applied to another field.

Which, yeah, I can see. Propellerheads with no grounding in reality are worse than useless.

The tricky part comes from the fact that 2 of those 4 courses are done at the 6000 level, which is second-year MS work. And, you have to fill the pre-requisite courses for those courses to get in. So, for example, if you wanted to do technology as applied to Biology, you have to take 4 graduate-level Bio courses, 2 of which have to be second-year, and any graduate or undergraduate courses that those courses rely on.

So, yeah, when I heard that I kindof panicked. I admit it.

But it turns out it’s not that bad. Many of the suggested course groupings have few or no pre-reqs. This presumes, of course, that you are enough of a self-starter that you can keep up in graduate-level courses in a field that is not your own.

I made a chart, of course:

UCF MS program for Information Technology

A second option would be the MS in Digital Forensics, which is a sort of sibling program to the IT degree. It sounds far more interesting, but the pre-reqs are pretty hairy. You can pick any one of the three tracks in the grey boxes:

UCF MS in Digital Forensics

A third, longer-term option would be to do a dual-major or minor in Data Mining. Yeah, really. It turns out that UCF actually offers a MS in Data Mining, and there are only a handful of courses beyond the IT degree with a specialization in Statistics:

UCF MS programs in Statistical Computing and/or Data Mining

Dual-majoring would mean turning it into a 3 year program, but you have to admit that having this on your resume would be pretty kick-ass:

MS, Dual-Major: Information Technology, Data Mining

So … yeah. I have quite a bit to think about.

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