The training wheels have been removed from my shoes!

That is to say, I have graduated from a Maximum Support running shoe to a Moderate Neutral running shoe. What does that mean? As near as I can tell, it means that my feet and ankles don’t flail about hopelessly anymore—at least not as much as they used to, anyway.

I got fitted for new running shoes last night at the local Fleet Feet, and we went through the video gait analysis thing. (They put you on a treadmill with a camera aimed at your heels, then freeze-frame as you run to figure out what you are doing right and wrong.) Last time, my running style produced many raised eyebrows and lots of hey, come look at this between the staff. This time, notsomuch.

Apparently, I do a little twisty thing when I toe off, I still oversupinate, and I need to be careful about developing ITBS, but beyond that I’ve managed to work out most of the really bad habits I used to have.

So, you know, yay! And stuff.

The new shoes are Mizuno Wave Rider 12, which I’m told are pretty different than my old New Balance 1223. My first real run in them will be tonight, but in the walking around I did last night they definitely have a different balance to them. It seems like they are more heel-weighted, while the old ones had a more even weight distribution. Or maybe I’m just crazy.

My goal for April is 30 miles per week: three 5½mi-6½mi runs during the week, with 12mi-15mi long runs on the weekends.

Oh, and apparently I am a mutant. I was trying to explain that my 15km pace is almost always faster than my 10km pace—it always takes me a good 4 or 5 miles to really warm up and get stretched out. When you look at my pace graphs for long runs, I’ll start off close to 12-minute miles, then gradually climb to 11-minute and even 10½-minute miles as the run finishes. I think I finished the Gate 15km run at a 10-minute pace.

It’s not a conscious effort to speed up, it’s just me feeling more comfortable as I go. When I concentrate on it, I can tell that my stride is significantly longer at the end of a run than it was at the beginning.

But apparently, that’s weird. Good for long distance runners, but still weird. Go figure.

Oh, and if you don’t know omgshoes! then may I humbly present some NSFW entertainment:

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