Swords and Horses Fantasy

Dear Readers of Swords and Horses Fantasy:

It seems like everyone I know reads the stuff. I read through some high fantasy when I was a kid, including The Hobbit, at least the first half of Fellowship of the Ring before I was too bored to continue, and the same with the first of the Shannara series.

The hot thing right now, of course, is The Sword of Truth, thanks to Legend of the Seeker. While Bridget Regan is at least five flavors of hot, I’m kindof nonplussed with the Kahlan character. It seems like she could be really interesting. Maybe Kahlan is more interesting in the books?

It absolutely drives me up the wall when the female characters have to have a man rush in and save them all the time. It’s such a cliché! But that basically sums up why I don’t tend to read swords-and-horses fantasy: I can’t stand most of the female characters. Of course, this isn’t a problem limited to fantasy, but you have to admit that fantasy is rife with it, most of the time in the name of “historical accuracy”. Because magic is so historically accurate!

So that’s my question: can anyone please recommend some decent sword and horses fantasy where the lead women aren’t a total cliché? They don’t all have to be Xena, but they do have to be more than a foil or plot device.

Anyone? Bueller?

By Rick Osborne

I am a web geek who has been doing this sort of thing entirely too long. I rant, I muse, I whine. That is, I am not at all atypical for my breed.