ColdFusion for Android Development

You know what would be really cool? ColdFusion for Android.

Wait. I’m not talking about ColdFusion the server-side framework. I’m talking about ColdFusion the language and development platform. I’m talking about the data-oriented language with primitives for building task-centric applications.

I’m talking about the ColdFusion language that already has a cross-compiler to Java source and JVM bytecode.

If you look at Android development, it’s not all that different compared to CF development with an MVC framework like Framework/1. Each Android task equates to a FW1 View, and has similar enter and leave Controller validation. Android apps are backed by SQLite storage, and generally use the same Model-style access to their database. Apps can start Service components that can function as asynchronous threads, or as persistent Application-level objects.

I’m not advocating porting the CF runtime to Android, nor client-server style development where the app UI is just a wrapper around WebKit1. I’m saying you take the CFML tags and CFScript language and cross-compile them to Java source and/or JVM bytecode. You write apps like this:

<cfwindow id="hello">
    <cfform action="#nextthing">
        <cfinput type="text" required="true" id="loginEmail" message="#localize.emailRequired#" label="#localize.emailLabel#">
        <cfinput type="submit" id="loginSubmit" label="">

And poof, presto-magic, Eclipse compiles this into a native APK using native widgets and puts it on your Android. There are already a ton of CF tags for UI that are fairly render-agnostic. I’m not saying it would be a perfect fit, nor that every tag would be useful, but it’s a heckuva start.

Adobe has already made it pretty clear that they think Flash is the future for Android development. Some smart person who wants to make a ton of money should build a few proofs-of-concept and go to the smart guys at Railo with a business plan. If they turn you down, go through the presentation and replace Java/Android with .NET/WP7 and go talk to NewAtlanta. Once your pile of money is big enough, you shovel it into building an Objective C cross-compiler and start targeting iPhone.

ColdFusion is so money mobile and it doesn’t even know it!


  1. You’ve already got Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap, and other competitors in that space.

By Rick Osborne

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