Resolutions 2012-2013

How did I do last year?

  1. Swear less: Success. Though I still swear more than I am comfortable with, several people commented that I have gotten noticeably better.

  2. Run more: Draw. In 2012 I ran 378mi. Compared to 206mi in 2011 I did pretty good, but I didn’t meet the 455mi I ran in 2010 or the 425mi I ran in 2009. However, I feel good about the running I did in 2012. I didn’t overtrain. I didn’t injure myself (except for running in the FiveFingers at the end of the year). Overall, the year didn’t suck for running.

  3. Be present more: Success. This was a life-altering resolution. I feel, and peers notice, that I am now very good about giving people my complete and undivided attention. I am more cognizant about getting sucked into the lure of a news ticker on a restaurant TV, and I never just play with my phone when I am with someone else.

  4. Whine less: Unknown? Yeah, this isn’t the easiest-measured resolution. I feel like I don’t whine much, and compared to the end of the year last year I know my headspace is much better than it was. It feels like a win, but I do still sometimes feel like I’m whining too much.

  5. Plan for more school: Draw. I really like the look of the USF PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with an Emphasis in Measurement and Evaluation. But I haven’t done as much to make that happen as I should or could have done.

What’s up for 2013?

I’ve got some personal resolutions that aren’t here, but the public ones are:

  1. Run a full marathon. It’s not my distance, I know, but I ought to do it at least once before the body starts to arc too far into decline.

  2. No dessert. I indulged a little too often in 2012, and I need to break myself of the habit and turn dessert into a treat again.

  3. Save $10k. To be clear, that is on top of my existing (paltry) savings, not starting with them. This is going to be brutally rough, but I know it’s a habit I need to get into so I am setting the bar intentionally high.

    a. Get paid for sidework. This is a corollary to the previous item. It seems like I only take on sidework for which I never get paid. This year I need to figure out how to do this right.

    b. Get 1+ paid app in the iOS and Android stores. I’ve got the knowledge and the skills. I just need the focus.

  4. Two home-cooked meals per week. I dine out far too often. ‘Nuff said.

  5. Learn 2+ functional programming languages. This seems to be a persistent topic lately, and I need to keep up.

Nope, school is not on that list. It’s being demoted to “great, if it happens”. I’m not ecstatic about that, but it is what it is. And, yeah, I know it’s orthogonal to #3 up there.

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