No really, I don’t speak Chinese

Dear Google & Gmail developers-

I don’t speak Chinese, Russian, and, quite frankly, pretty much anything other than English. Okay, my Spanish is haltingly passable in an emergency, and I can read Russian in a transliterate-and-pray kind of way, but that’s not the point.

Please, please, please, I would love a setting that provides the following logic: if an email comes in for me and it’s not [English] then it’s spam. And not just “I might want to double check so throw it in the Spam folder” spam, but “no really, just delete it immediately spam. Even better, use it for honeypotting: if an email starts to be relayed and it’s not in my chosen language(s), then slow the ACKs to longer and longer intervals. Throw in a random NACK. Whatever.

For reals though, I’m pretty confident that out of the entire list of written languages, most people speak just a few. Whitelisting languages makes far more sense than accepting everything.

Thanks and love,

P.S. Yes, I know that most spammers don’t send proper language MIME headers. But your language detection is solid enough that it’s not a problem for you. I’d even take a brute force approach of “if there are more non-Latin characters than not, then it’s spam”.

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By Rick Osborne

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