Run for Friday, 2007-02-16

I ended up giving myself an extra two days to heal, as my legs were still a bit unhappy with me on Wednesday. Going from essentially no mileage to 4 runs and 15 mi in one week was dumb in a typically Aries fashion. Tonight’s run was good, with a goal of 4 mi without dropping down to a walk. I had also promised my wife that I wouldn’t do anything stupid, which included going above 5.5 mph.

From this, I hope you can infer that the entire last mile was an inner battle: her voice in my head reminding me that I had promised, and my voice whining about exactly how bored I was at 5.5 mph. As always, though, she was right: It was a good speed for accomplishing my goal. I have the pleasantly warm “you just ran for an hour” blood-flow feeling in my legs, and while I know that will ache a bit tomorrow, I didn’t hurt anything. I think I could have pushed my way to about 5 more minutes, but I probably would have regretted it.