Light dawns on marble head

Ever had one of those weeks where everything seems to be doom and gloom and you are cranky and snarky but you don’t know why? Then, out of the blue, everything just comes together and you have a moment of perfect clarity?

Today was epiphany-central for me. No less than a half-dozen conversational threads over the last month ran full-steam into one another in one staggering blast of “hey! you! pay attention!”. Do you see how many tags/categories apply to this post? It brings everything together for me.

I have an idea for an app. A killer app. It would take a while to build, and box, and sell … but it would soooo be worth it. Financially, professionally, and mentally.

And the weird thing is that I am in a strong position to do it. I’ve had other ideas that I’ve thought “man, I wish I was better at ThingXYZ, because that’s all I’m missing”. But for this one … I don’t have that excuse. I could actually make it work, from start to finish. I’d just have to commit. That’s not a little scary, I must admit.

The irony here is that I was just this morning ranting to an audience about how bummed out it makes me that there are so few shining stars in the ColdFusion development community. That is, not many are taking initiative to forge new paths instead of just taking what is handed to them, and challenging the idea of what you can and cannot do with ColdFusion. I’m not looking to be a shining star, but not taking an opportunity to do something this new and this cool … would be profoundly hypocritical.

My first inclination is to talk about it. Obviously, by nature, I’m not a secretive person. But for this … I need to talk to some people and see if I’d screw myself over. Granted, I was kindof talking out loud on #coldfusion on IRC when it hit me, so it’s certainly not a perfect secret. But, better safe than sorry from here on out. If I can talk about it, I’ll be a blogging fool for the next 3-6 months.

Wish me luck.

Clarification: I am not saying the CF community is a bunch of dolts, nor am I saying that there are no big names. Sean C, Ray C, Mark D, and a bunch of other folks are doing some really great work. That previous statement was just an oversimplification of a very long discussion.