Data Mining the 2010 Gate River Run 15K results

Random facts learned by data mining the 2010 Gate River Run 15K results:

  • Fastest Father-Son Team: Robert and Harrison Gordon, coming in with a 1:03:15 chip time.
  • Fastest Father-Daughter Team: Greg Lawrence and Amy Eller, coming in with a 1:08:52 chip time.
  • Fastest Husband-Wife Team: Scott and Laura Flint, coming in with a 1:15:02 chip time.
  • Best Spirit of Cooperation: Kara Mathias and Manny Gutierrez, a Gator and a ‘Nole, running the entire race together and finishing in just under 66 minutes.
  • Most Supportive Running Group: Dominic, William, Tim, Jamie, and Brian from Ponte Vedra, FL, coming in at a chip time of 1:46:48.
  • The Family That Runs Together Stays Together: The Gobold family of Jacksonville—Chris and Lesa, with children Jena and Tyler, and friends Christopher and Mary—staying together and finishing in 2:23:30.

I am truly impressed how many husband and wife teams were seeded. That’s absolutely awesome. (And that they can match eachother’s pace the entire race!)

Despite an enormous number of Father-Son and Husband-Wife teams, Mother-Daughter teams seemed to be thin on the ground. My best guess? Jessica and Anna of Jacksonville, FL with a finish time of 1:18:21. Finding them is harder, because the surnames may not be the same. The age difference helps, but isn’t a guarantee. (Woe unto me if I call out a mother-daughter pair only to be wrong! And I’m nowhere near stupid enough to try Father-Daughter or Mother-Son pairs!)

Someone named Nicole Norris of Roswell, GA kept pace with my buddy and I throughout the entire race, crossing each split marker within 3-4 seconds of us each time. Nicole: we were the guys in the red shirt and hat and yellow shirt (mustard, not the greenish of the official race shirts). Sorry we didn’t say hello!