Linux Laptops, early 2021 edition


I made the mistake of attempting to shop for a new laptop today.

I’m a developer.  I don’t need an amazing graphics card, nor a super duper high-end CPU.  I do, however, need a fair amount of memory (≥32GB).  And I absolutely, positively hate being able to see individual pixels.  I find jaggies too distracting.  In practical terms, that means 4K/UHD/QFHD.

The options are not great.

Apple Macbook Pro 16″: $3300

Dell Precision 7550: $3200

A Purism Librem 15 v4 would be nice … but is unobtainable.

And … that’s it?  MSI and ASUS also make UHD laptops, but they’re not any better priced than Dell.

Apparently, UHD laptops that aren’t 12lbs and gaming machines just plain do not exist.  Apple has pretty much the entire market.  Which is bizarre to me.