Bad Seeds

The “P2P War” amuses me to no end. It’s not a new story. On one side you have a whole lot of people screaming for media, whether it be TV, movies, games, comic books, music, or whatever. On the other side you have Big Business which is in full-on psychotic-mode, seeing the other side as attackers and throwing rotten eggs at them. I don’t know anyone (personally) that has said “I just like downloading stuff for free; I’ll never pay for it”. And yet … there’s seemingly no middle ground.

Two years ago, Apple solved The Napster Problem with iTunes and the iPod. But now they’re being threatened by Big Business … which wants more money! I had been hoping that an Apple or something similar would step in and say “here is this wonderful solution, let’s all make some money and make people happy”, but at this rate, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon.

Bread and circuses, people. Bread and circuses.

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