PR for the 5K … sortof

My 5K this morning with the International Medical Outreach group at UCF went well. It was cold, but I hustled and completed the course in 23:44 … but it turns out that it was a little shy of a full 5K, at only 2.82mi. But, I still managed to maintain an 8:24/mi pace, which is 0:55/mi faster than the 5K I did last month at 9:19/mi.

A bit of math says that I would have finished a full 5K between 26:10 and 26:22—either way a full minute and half faster than my goal time of 28:00. Am I okay with that? Oh yeah.

I can also definitively say that the time spent on the pace music mix was well worth it. It made a noticeable difference in my motivation, energy, and obviously pace.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must find some way to eat my weight in carbohydrates.