BlogCFC users: stop or you’ll go blind!

Dear BlogCFC users,

Do you realize how horrible your blog probably looks on modern flatscreens if you haven’t bothered to tweak the default CSS files? Let me show you:

BlogCFC post with the default settings

On a 1440px-wide screen, your lines are 943px long. On my screen, that’s roughly 10.5 inches wide, with over 30 words per line. If you don’t want to take some time and do some reading on line length and readbility, let me summarize it for you: that’s nigh unreadable.

Please make the following adjustments to your CSS files:

#page {
    min-width: 800px; /* remove this */
    max-width: 50em; /* add this */
.body {
    font-size: 0.7em; /* this makes the baby Obama weep */

This produces the following effect:

BlogCFC post with human-readable settings

In English: it removes the 800px minimum width, which is just silly, especially for mobile browsers. It also restricts the width of your page to something more readable—roughly 30em or 13-15 words per line. It even does it in a way that will scale based on the reader’s preferred font settings. Lastly, there’s no need for a 0.7em font size. Really? Really?

Compare the readability of the two different font sizes:

BlogCFC font size difference

See? No more going blind.

Thanks, and have a good holiday.

Rick O.

P.S. – I’m not picking on Ray or Isaac or anyone in particular. Promise.