Guest Post: my wife’s new Sony Reader

(Note: Rick is on holiday. This post was written by his wife, Corri.)

Sony Reader Touch

Anyone who knows me well won’t be surprised to find that my version of a “Precious” isn’t an iPhone but rather an eReader.

Silly husband didn’t ask me to restrain myself at B&N when we were Christmas shopping, so I have three purchased books (100 Heartbeats: The Race to Save Earth’s Most Endangered Species, Dawn Light: Dancing with Cranes and Other Ways To Greet the Day, and The Botany of Desire) waiting for me, competing with the stack of library books about gardening that I’d checked out the week before. The library finally corrected my address so all the books I had on hold were ferried to my doorstep a few at a time in shiny blue packages in the days leading up to Christmas.

My book ennui was just lifting and I was plowing through my book pile, several at a time, when I got my Christmas gift.

I got my Precious on Christmas eve, pre-loaded with too many books for one human to possibly read in one sitting (more than a dozen from the hubby) and got comfy on the couch. Eventually, hubby convinced me to dock the thing and actually check the Sony store, Google Books, and the library websites.

Yikes. 46 books loaded. A dozen started almost immediately.

This is book gluttony.

So, yeah. The Reader, much like a newborn, has barely been set down.

It gives me the same trouble in dim lighting that my own eyes do, but other than that, the functionality on this baby is awesome. We had played with the Reader and the Nook prior to purchase, and this is just … the best.

You can highlight, bookmark, search, circle, annotate, define words and otherwise mark up your ebooks. You can create PDF documents of, say, a map to your relatives, and save for review when driving on the highway down to Rockledge. You can add music, you can use the stylus to draw pictures, you can type little memos to yourself reminding you of all the other books you want to look for. Best of all, you’ve got the ability to add external memory (SD card or something else; two options) so you can swap out libraries… and it all fits in my (very normal-sized) purse!!!

Hubby threatens metrics generation to see just how many books I am in the middle of… I think the Kindle actually offers those onscreen on the device. I’ve already finished a couple of books, and other than exceptionally badly formatted PDFs, they’re awesome… I just zoom in and out for ease of reading in different lighting.

Yeah, I heart my Precious. Like, whoa.