OpenOffice Writer Style Switcher?

Dear Lazyweb-

Short version: I am looking for a program or plugin for OpenOffice Writer that will allow me to make several master style templates, then apply those templates to a single document to generate several versions.

Long version:

Writer is great for desktop publishing, at least as far as simple text goes. But … if I want to take a single source document and apply several layout styles to it, it’s a real pain. Especially if it’s a living document and I’m going to continue to make changes to it. Keeping those changes synced across the multiple versions just plain sucks.

Say I have a book with 30+ chapters and 600+ pages. I want to be able to create a style template for a trade paperback version, and another style template for a pocket paperback, and another style template for a hardback. In each case, the content is the same—it’s really just the page size that is different. I’d like to be able to set up those styles and then forget about them, making changes to my master document only.

I know there must be a way, as the ODT file format is just a compressed archive of XML and CSS. Surely someone must have wanted to do this before me.


(P.S. – No, I don’t want to use Scribus or some Adobe product.)