Inauguration Day

Thanks to the efforts of a team of Mono developers and the Moonlight team at Novell, I’m sitting here watching the Inauguration streaming live to my Ubuntu laptop. Pretty darn cool.

Yeah, it would have just worked had they gone with Flash instead of Silverlight … but …

I gotta be honest: the Silverlight player seems to be more stable and less choppy than the Flash player. I lose significant framerate when I go fullscreen in Flash, but that isn’t happening here. And you know how Flash always gets really choppy when you switch between the two? Not happening here. It’s the same codecs, of course, but even though it was hacked together in a night it still seems to perform better.

It’s not perfect, and there’s a bit of hypocrisy in the juxtaposition of Silverlight and Ubuntu … but it’s still a historic day that I don’t have to miss because someone has a stick up their ass.

Update: Of course, as I post it looks like the servers are beginning to melt.