The Honeymoon Is Over

I figured out what was bugging me. And yeah, it was pretty much as big as I thought it would be.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to pursue my MS through UCF. The MS is still on the schedule, but the location isn’t.

I realized that I was focused on UCF because it was the easy route: it’s relatively close to home, relatively cheap with in-state tuition, and relatively less work to get in as I already know all of the right people. Problem being, and this is what took me so long to figure out, those are all damnable lies. It’s beyond awkward to get to, just as expensive when you factor in all of the nickling-and-diming, and I don’t actually like most of the people (with a few notable exceptions).

I was so focused on easy, I forgot to notice how much they were really pissing me off. I was cheating—trying to get it done the easy way instead of the right way.

Maybe UCF is a great school and I’m a horrible student. Maybe their MS program is vastly different than their BS program. Maybe I just expect too much. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

But dammit, if I’m going to spend more than twenty thousand dollars on something, I had better love it.

So there you go. Now I just need to scramble and figure out where I want to get my MS in the next ten days or so before most of the application deadlines pass.

Anyone have any recommendations? Anyone enjoy their MS or know someone who did? Quite frankly, I don’t even care what the program was—as long as they didn’t feel like they had burned giant bleeding holes in their soul by the time they finished.