Yes, yes, I know it is April 1

Starting tomorrow, one of the seldom-used categories I use for this blog will start getting more attention and posts. It’s not a huge deal, and it’s not anything offensive, but I’m a fair-warning kind of guy. Should you prefer, you can always subscribe to one of my feeds that is whatever you consider to be most on-topic:

  • ColdFusion—anything that I figure ColdFusion geeks will find interesting, not necessarily just stuff about the CF language
  • Fitness—on the off chance you can’t get enough of me talking about how slowly I jog
  • SQL—topics strictly relating to databases
  • Books—reviews, logs, impressions, etc., and presumably plenty of rants about the audiobook industry

Back when MXNA was around, I had it set to the ColdFusion feed only, so if that’s how you found me then that’s probably all you’ll get. But if you suddenly start getting a ton of what you consider to be irrelevant tripe in your feed reader, remember this post and fix your subscription.