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You will need to register to submit bugs. We'll be doing the click the link in an email thing, so watch your spam box. You'll set a password when you get back.


The Fine Print

I agree that I, Rick Osborne, will:

  • Make a best effort to fulfill my promise for refunds and prizes. I do reserve the right to fulfill them on a schedule that doesn't make me go broke, and I do reserve the right to stop fulfilling them altogether if it comes to that. I really hope that it doesn't, but I have to cover myself.
  • Not spam you, nor give away your personal information. Ever.

You agree that you, whoever you are, will:

  • Acknowledge that any data that you submit on this site does not grant you any sort of ownership of, authorship of, or rights to, all or part of my novel.

That's pretty much it. Easy, right?